Experimentation by a number of researchers has shown that elemental transmutations are possible under low temperature and even biological conditions.

Twentieth century popular science generally considered transmutation to be in the realm of the medieval folklore and high energy physics only. Significant experimental evidence exists that elemental transmutions are possible under far more moderate conditions 

Previous observations have included:
  • Electro-transmutation, (Wendt and Irion, 1922, Bass, 1997, Lin and Bockeris, 1996)
  • Bio-transmutation in bacteria, algae, shellfish and chickens, ​(Kervran, 1972, Von Herzeele, 1875-1883)
  • Industrial scale transmutation in ferro-silicon smelting,   (C. R. Narayanaswamy, 2016)
  • Early experimental LENR energy systems (N. Telsa, 1890's, H. Moray, ~1910's-1930, etc.)
  • More recent LENR/transmutation experimentation, (Iwamura, Nanosquire, Rossi, and many others)
  • Formation of Helium and Neon in direct current Hydrogen gas discharge vaccuum tubes (W. Ramsey, J. N. Collie and H. S. Patterson, all in 1907, reported in Egerly, 2017).
  • Gold and plantium formation in mercury discharge lamps during high current electrical discharge by H. Nagaoka, (1925), and A. Miethe and H. Stammreich (1924), in Krivit, (2016), possibly due to transmutation of tungsten electrodes by neutron addition.

The new identification of a link between nucleus structures and chemistry may also facilitate the development of practical electro-magnetic transmutation processes. These process may be useful for the production of rare isotopes.

New perspectives on atomics are now providing a new perspective on  mechanisms responsible for past transmutation observations.


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