Catalyst Identification

S. Brink  
9th May 2017​​​​​
Specific electrode and fuel catalysts have been identified that facilitate the production of "dark cloud" reaction regions and high energy secondary reaction "stars" during electro-detonation systems involving hydrogen isotopes.


Various elements and functional groups are expected to be able to act as catalysts for high energy reactions in systems containing hydrogen as they can accept energy quanta that matches the energy quanta of hydrogen transitions to de-excited states.

S. Brink   25th April 2017​​​​​

S. Brink   14th August 2016
S. Brink   14th August 2016​​​​
S. Brink   20th June 2016​​​
Secondary Reaction "Star"
S. Brink  
15th September 2017
S. Brink  
19th September 2016​​​​

Method:  Fuel mixes containing hydrogen and expected catalysts were electrically detonated.  Energy output and light flash morphology were observed using photographic techniques.  

Observations:  Light flash morphologies consistent with increased energy output were observed when expected catalysts were used as electrodes and/or incorporated into the fuel mixes.  Increased energy output was observed as:  

(i) Diffuse "dark clouds", or
(ii) Radial lines with localised secondary reaction "stars". 

Conclusion:  Observations are generally consistent with quantised energy transfers between hydrogen isotopes and predicted catalysts.  

​Experiments and photography
by Subtle Atomics.