Background Energy

Recognition that gravity results from a net background energy flux provides significant new insight into many aspects of physics, from the subatomic to the cosmic scale.

Subtle Atomics is expanding on existing background energy theory and has developed a new meson based atomic model consistent with background energy theory.


Many attempts were made in the late nineteenth centuary to identify a background energy (aether) by looking for an aether wind.  Experiments were unsuccessful as they did not consider that gravity could be the aether wind.

Energy to Mass Transitions

Background energy is weekly absorbed by mass and is converted to addition mass by an energy to mass processes generally in accordance with Einstein's principle:

E = M.c2  or  M = E.c-1/2 ​​

Background energy is slowly converted to mass

The rate of energy absorbsion is very slow, so quite difficult to observe experimentally.  The current average  accumulation rate on earth is approximately 0.0000005% per annum, based on expanding earth theory modelling (J. Maxlow).

Background Energy Physics

Background energy theory is that space is permeated by electro-magnetic wave energy. Subtle Atomics has identified that background energy also interacts weekly with particles, so can be observed as:

(1) Energy to mass transitions

      Observable as slow expansion of
      terrestial objects and stars.

(2) Momentum transfer 

      Observable as gravity.

In general space, away from large massive objects, background energy is generally uniform in all directions, so there is no net force on particles.

Large massive objects absorb background energy creating "shielded zones" where background energy flux away from the massive object is reduced, so there is an overall net flux towards the massive object.  The result is a net force towards the massive object, observable as gravity.


Method:  Hold one apple at a distance of 1m above the earth's surface.  Release apple.  

Observations:  The apple will accelerate downwards showing the local direction of background energy flux and the aether wind.

Conclusion:  The interaction between background energy and matter can be observed as gravitational force.  

Gravity results from background energy shielding

Acknowledgements: Background energy concept development by Xavier Borg.
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