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 ​​Radon 222 nucleus structure
black - alpha particle, blue - neutron
Fast neutron structure

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Subtle Atomics is searching for innovative energy solutions that can assist current and future generations "energy shift" to a low carbon global economy, reducing the impacts of anthropogenic climate change. We are exploring the frontiers of science and technology through physics theory development, practical experimentation and prototype testing. 

A new renaissance in physics is now redefining many untouchables of 20th century physics. New theories are emerging on background energy, relativity, planetary origins, electrons, black holes and even the origin (or otherwise) of the universe.  Subtle Atomics has developed a new atomic model, that has allowed geometric alpha particle-based atomic nucleus structures to be identified for elemental isotopes.  The model, if adopted, shows that chemistry is actually a direct extension of geometric atomic nucleus structures.

​New physics is enabling the development of new energy technologies. Subtle Atomics has identified a new energy process that appears to have significant clean energy potential to provide high density power suitable for a range of baseload and transportation applications. 

Subtle Atomics is constructing and testing new energy system protypes based on new physics and emerging energy processes, and is actively developing these prototypes towards commercially viable, low carbon energy systems.
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Professional engineer, project manager, environmental technologist, researcher, fabricator, ​​​communicator, educator, innovator, safe climate future advocate and new energy enthusiast.
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