In Search of New         Clean Energy Solutions
Subtle Atomics is exploring the frontiers of science and technology through physics theory development, practical experimentation and prototype development, in search of innovative energy solutions that can assist current and future generations to "energy shift" to a low carbon global economy, reducing the impacts of anthopogenic climate change.

Significant developments in physics theory, from the subatomic to the cosmological scale, have been possible by embracing and building on a recent re-emergence of background energy theory, with gravity now recognised as the elusive "ether wind". 

In quite possibly a world first, Subtle Atomics has developed a viable new atomic model that allows lattice based structures to be identified for atomic nuclei. The model has been developed by identifying that particles are "standing waves", with nuclear and atomic forces resulting from electromagnetic field interactions. Nucleus structures are based on small, multi nucleon composites, typically alpha particles, forming geometric shells consistent with elemental chemical groupings. The new model is particularly unique as it allows, for the first time, a full interrelationship between atomic nuclei structures and chemical bonding orientations to be demonstrated.

Subtle Atomics has constructed, and is now testing, new energy system protypes based on this new atomic theory, and is actively developing these prototypes towards commercially viable, low carbon energy systems.

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